Pontier Advisory


Property is an asset class requiring specialist knowledge and an intimate understanding of the risks and opportunities it presents.  We have assisted State and Local Government, Private Developer and Not for Profit clients, in various key roles including feasibility modelling, risk assessment, design delivery, capital structuring, finance procurement and development management. We have also assisted clients in delivering land partnership opportunities by facilitating market requests for proposal and expression of interest campaigns.


We have an intimate understanding of the requirements of the financial services and project finance sectors and have been able to advise our partners on matters related to corporate structure, corporate valuation and capital structure. We have also assisted clients in procuring investment partners into various deal structures including Joint Venture, Share Sale, Options Contract, etc.


Our clear value in the not for profit sector is in understanding the differing objectives of the organisations in this space and the specific language used when dealing with key stakeholders throughout the advisory process.

Often not for profit organisations require a sustainability strategy related to ongoing delivery of services however may not have the internal capabilities to create and implement such a strategy.

We have worked alongside not for profit organisations in the areas of, sustainability, internal delegations, resourcing requirements, process maps, financial forecasting and strategic asset management plans, in order to empower those organisations to determine the best path for their continued delivery of services.